The 10 best mid-carders in the WWE right now – Number 9: Mark Henry

Posted on August 12, 2011


I’m not 100% sure how Mark Henry came above Ezekiel Jackson, but the marks don’t lie. To be fair to him he has been a consistent figure in the WWE for many years now. He’s a former ECW Champion, and WWE European Champion. His run between 2005 and 2006 was actually very good. His return in 2005, in which he attacked Batista, was very impressive and his feud with Kurt Angle was intense, even challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship at one point. What I didn’t like was the fact that we never really got the blow off match between Batista and Henry, but whatever. It’s time for me to explain why Mark Henry is a better mid-carder than Ezekiel Jackson.

Mic Work – 4/10

Now I’m in no way saying he’s amazing on the mic, that he’s full of charisma, or that he’s anywhere near the level of any of the top guys; but he’s competent. Whenever he gets an opportunity to be on the mic he isn’t too bad. He gets to the point, he doesn’t mess about. Now this is good for a heel, but not for a face. That’s why I think his face run on Raw failed, but as a heel it’s effective enough to be acceptable.

Wrestling ability – 4/10

It’s hard for big men to wrestle. They aren’t as fast or agile as others and it means they find it hard to wrestle with others. With big men you have to play the psychology game. Big men will dominate the match with their power moves and the other wrestler will find a way to work with that. As a big man, he does his job well, and that’s why he gets a 4. However, he’s still slow. He’s still not agile. He still can’t wrestle a very long match, and for that he is lucky I was feeling generous and didn’t give him a 3.

Character – 6/10

At the moment, his character is a domination heel character, who also prides himself on being unbelievably strong. Right now, his character is one that is so dominant and scary that people are scared to face him. This makes for a good character that is filling up a very empty Smackdown roster. However, it’s not the kind of character you’d tune in for, or that you enjoy watching so much you’d watch a show just to see him. Therefore 6 is respectable.

Interaction – 5/10

To be fair when he was a face he did try and get the crowd cheering for him. He did do the whole raising his arms to get parts of the crowd cheering thing, and that’s okay interaction. As a heel he’s mean to the crowd and that’s good too.

Potential – 3/10

I think it’s too late in his career to be worthy of the big belt. If it was ever going to happen it would have been during 2005-2006, and even then I don’t think it would have been a popular decision. However because of how depleted the roster is right now, I would not be surprised if he was given a shot at the title. I can’t see him winning it, but you never know.

Total – 22

Not bad. Not bad at all. In this blog I’ve been trying to get across that Mark Henry isn’t a bad mid-carder. He might not put on the best matches in the world. He may not give us the most entertaining mic work. But he is a good character to have around when the roster is in need of good heels.

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