The 10 best mid-carders in the WWE right now – Number 10: Ezekiel Jackson

Posted on August 11, 2011


At number 10 is the personification of domination. The current *cough* WWE Intercontinental champion. The last ever ECW Champion. So how can the guy holding the premier mid-card championship in professional wrestling be number 10 of the list of best mid-carders? Well let me go through the catagories in which I will be judging each mid-carder then maybe you’ll see why. I have 5 catagories, each marked out of 10. 1 being terrible and 10 being amazing.

Mic Work – 3/10

You can tell he’s not a natural on the mic. He seems very awkward to me, as you can kind of tell that he’s out of his comfort zone, He just seems a lot more like the strong silent type, so when he talks it is just awkward. Also his mic work would suit a heel character a lot better, as when he talks as a face he has nothing very interesting to say. Unfortunately, I could only mark big Zeke’s mic work with a 3, however, I’m sure that as he gets more experience and time he will get a lot better.

Wrestling ability – 5/10

Whoever told him to do repeated scoop slams is an idiot. To be honest it seems boring and uncreative to me. Even more uncreative than the five moves of doom. At least that involves five moves! I kid, I kid. But seriously I hate “slam city” or whatever Booker called it. I wish he’d vary his finishing sequences a bit more. I do like both his finishers, though. The book of Ezekiel and the torture rack are good. But his move-set is still limited. But that doesn’t mean he’s bad in the ring. He’s not bad, but he’s no HBK. However, he’s still good for his size.

Character – 3/10

He hasn’t really got one, so it was difficult to mark this. His character is just… dominant face, which I guess we have seen plenty of times with people like Kane and The Big Show. It’s a character that can work well if the domination is very hard hitting and shocks the fans into cheering for the destruction they are seeing. That means that Jackson needs to get a lot rougher in the ring, and maybe some squash matches against some cruiserweights would show off that.

Interaction – 3/10

He doesn’t really interact with the fans a lot. All he really does is poses with his muscles and points during his entrance and things like that. He shows no deep connection with them or anything like that, so interaction is low. However he still deserves points for that beastly muscle pose he does.

Potential – 5/10

This has to be the hardest one to guess. What I mean by potyential is, will they ever be a main eventer, and a world champion? I don’t know about Jackson. It seems that’s the direction they are pointing him in, but I just can’t see him becoming one without getting a manager. It’d have to be a brilliant manager too, other why would people care enough to make him champion? He might get into a main event match for the title at some polint. Probably in a multi-man match like Elimination chamber. But a main event match as a singles wrestler? Only if he turns heel.

Total – 19/50

God I feel harsh. But remember, not even HBK would get 50/50. Not even Jericho. Ezekiel Jackson is a good mid-carder but I just can’t ever see more of a future than that. As with everyone I ever criticise, I hope he proves me wrong and I think he could improve in all of those catagories. Let’s hope he does.

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