Introduction to ‘The 10 best mid-carders in the WWE right now’

Posted on August 10, 2011


I have always had my definitely all-time favourite; that being Chris Jericho. As a kid when I was innocent to the ways of the wrestling business, I loved him as a face and hated his guts as a heel. Then when I grew up and my eyes were opened. Then I realised how much of a brilliant wrestler he really was and how brilliant he is on the mic. I recently purchased ‘Breaking the code: Behind the walls of Chris Jericho’. It was a brilliant DVD set that really highlights how brilliant he really is. It also shows how modest the guy is, as well as his determination and work-rate; whether it is in the ring or out of it. Also the matches that are included really show his in-ring brilliance.

Another thing that I love about Chris Jericho is the fact that he went right from the bottom to the top and did it at a young age. Sure, he spent a long time in the mid-card of WWE, but that’s a good thing. He still provided some brilliant matches with main-event talent and showed everyone he was ready for the world title. But my question is, what mid-carders look like they will be able to do the same?

There are many mid-carders in the WWE, but which are the best? Which ones look like they are on their way to world titles? Which have the best characters? Which have the best in-ring ability? Which have brilliant mic-ability? In other words, who on the WWE roster can do what Chris Jericho did?

In the next few weeks I will be going over the 10 best mid-carders in the WWE right now according to that criteria.

Mic work

wrestling ability



interactions with the fans (cheered or boo’d a lot?)

By the way I’d like to add that mid-carders that have already held a world title (That includes Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and Sheamus) won’t be in this, the ECW championship doesn’t count as a world title. Sorry for the short blog, but the ones I’ve wrote recently have been very long and the ones coming will probably be too long as well. I’m really looking forward to writing all these. Probably because it gives me a chance to write about Cody Rhodes again (Can’t wait for Smackdown this week!). I hope that you enjoy the list, let me know your thoughts.

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