A few thoughts from last night’s Friday night Smackdown and the release of 4 superstars

Posted on August 6, 2011


One thing I’d like to talk about first is, if you read my last blog about Triple H and then watched last night’s Smackdown I was wrong. I said that Triple H pedigree’d Ryder but that wasn’t shown on television. That’s fair enough because if that had have happened it may have set Ryder back a lot. But I’m starting to think that the WWE aren’t getting Ryder. He got a great reaction last night on Smackdown, and yet he was made to lose cleanly to big Zeke. I’m very much behind Zeke getting some clean wins, but why against another face? Seems odd to me. They should be trying to build Ryder slowly, not in matches against big time heels but beating heels such as Tyson Kidd.

Speaking of Tyson Kidd, he and Daniel Bryan put on a very good match on Smackdown. It had decent length and was quite entertaining to watch. Kidd put in a very good performance and hopefully it will mean that he will get a bit more attention in the future. I didn’t think much of Daniel Bryan’s music change. It’s not bad music though, could have been a lot worse. The feud that is developing between Wade Barrett and Bryan is very interesting to me. Wade did a brilliant job of making the feud seem personal on commentary. Bringing it back to their days in the Nexus was great.

Another feud that is looking like it’s picking up steam is Cody Rhodes and Ezekiel Jackson. When Cody Rhodes interrupted Zeke on Smackdown they had a good verbal exchange to do with Dibiase. It did its job in making the feud a bit more about Dibiase, as well as the importance of the Intercontinental championship. Cody said that Zeke losing brought the wealth of the title down, and that he would take it from him to save it. It was a very good promo that has made that feud a bit more interesting. The problem with these mid-card feuds is they probably won’t make it on to pay-per-view because there’s not enough space. It means that sometimes the feuds just fizzle out rather than having a good conclusion.

The matches that will be on pay-per-view (such as Orton-Christian, Truth-JoMo, and Sheamus-Henry) are being developed very well and should be very interesting to watch. I applaud the WWE for letting Truth and JoMo’s feud play out on Smackdown, as there is a lot more space there for the feud to develop in a good way. However, I wish there was a bit more mic work from Morrison, telling us how personal this feud is. I feel that’s missing. Also having Sheamus beat Khali without Jinder Mahal getting involved or scolding Khali was a bad move. I hope that happens next week as the WWE may be missing a trick.

Now onto the releases that occurred. I was very surprised to see the release of Chris Masters. As you can tell from this blog here as well as other blogs, I have always believed that Masters could have made it as a mid-card face is he was given the opportunity. He wasn’t bad in the ring. His performances on Superstars wasn’t bad. But for some reason he was never given a chance. Why not? Seems like a silly decision to me; but no silly decisions by WWE surprise me anymore. He could have challenged Dolph for the U.S  title, or he could have stayed on Smackdown and had a mid-card feud with someone instead of fading into obscurity on Raw. What a shame.

I wasn’t too surprised by the releases of Melina or DH Smith, although I believe that DH Smith should have stayed in a team with Tyson Kidd. If I remember rightly he made about 3 or 4 appearances as a singles star since the break up and he is probably better off out of the WWE. I believe he’ll probably return at some point though. I think that Melina reportedly had way too many enemies backstage to ever make it back to the top of the women’s mountain. I just hope that this doesn’t affect the career of JoMo. Santino having multiple different partners now makes sense, as Kozlov was also released. The WWE did the right thing by making him lose to Henry, and it looks as if Kozlov went out the right way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he returned in the future either. I would expect more releases to come, as Gail Kim has apparently quit too. If she does leave, the WWE has lost one of their most talented female wrestlers.

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