Ranting about Triple H and the terrible booking decisions that have been happening lately (CM Punk & Zack Ryder)

Posted on August 4, 2011


The other day I wrote about how I have never been a fan of Triple H. This is mainly because of the way he has squashed and basically ruined wrestlers in the past purely for his own ego. This is especially apparent with Kane, who I think may have been a main eventer in 2002 when he was feuding over the World Heavyweight Championship. However, his push was ruined by Triple H keeping the World title even though he didn’t need it. Although it might not have been his decision to keep it, he should have pushed for the WWE to let Kane have a run with it. Although Triple H did lose it a month later, he lost it to his best friend Shawn Michaels. Now why couldn’t Kane hold the belt until Survivor series and then drop the belt to Michaels? It could’ve still started a feud over the belt with Triple H and it might have elevated Kane too. But its obvious Triple H didn’t want to do that.

At one point I thought he might have changed. He started putting over Jeff Hardy during his main event push. But for me it was too little too late. He had already buried too many people for me to forgive him. Well, it seems I was right to still be weary of his booking antics, because I recently read this story.


The WWE are apparently more determined to put over Triple H than CM Punk. I’m sorry, what? You’d rather put over an authority figure who’s not even wrestling any more than possibly the hottest thing to hit WWE television in years? Really?

Now I know that this is from a dirt sheet so it might not be reliable news. But let’s think about what we’ve seen on television recently. As I have written in a previous blog, It has been Triple H making popular decisions in order to show he’s a good boss, and it’s clearly in order to get him getting over. Again. That’s a terrible decision as far as I’m concerned, as CM Punk is hot right now and if taken advantage of could be the future of the business. Instead they’d rather put over an old wrestler who is now an authority figure who refuses to wrestles? How smart.

But what really, REALLY, annoyed me was what has happened to Zack Ryder this week. On Raw he was pinned by the World’s most boring tag team, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. That annoyed me but I doubt that was to do with Triple H, more the questionable booking decisions of the WWE creative team. But then Smackdown came. If you don’t want any part of Smackdown spoiled, don’t read down.

On Smackdown, Triple H apparently turned out the lights and camera and pedigree’d Zack Ryder (so that no one could see him do it, because in the storyline he’s not allowed). Why?! Why in God’s name would they decide on that? “Oh I know let’s bury one of the most popular guys we have in the company right now to get over this old guy who no longer wrestles”. Are you serious, bro? What the hell is wrong with those people? I’m not one of those guys who say that Zack Ryder should be winning every week and should be wrestling world title matches right now, but burying him to someone who doesn’t even wrestle anymore? How stupid. Zack Ryder could be the future of this business, and he has some very reputable names supporting him such as John Cena, CM Punk, The Miz, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. So why do that to him of all people?

Could this just be a way of Triple H getting back at CM Punk for his comments about his wife? I’m not saying it is, but as you can read here, apparently CM Punk can be credited with Zack Ryder being on television recently. He has a motive. If that was just Triple H’s revenge, then I genuinely worry for the WWE’s future. This was a stupid move that didn’t need to happen, and we can only hope that this hasn’t damaged Ryder.

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