Why CM Punk has made it fun to watch Raw again.

Posted on August 2, 2011


As I do most Monday nights, I stayed up until 4AM last night to watch Raw. Say what you want WWE fans in the US, but you don’t have to suffer as much as we do in the UK. UK’s hardcore wrestling fans stay up until 4am to watch a 2 hour show. You know what the kicker is? For the last few months it’s sucked. Ever since Wrestlemania, the WWE suddenly went stale. The loss of Edge, The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H and Stone Cold from WWE television really hit the WWE hard, and it apparently also ruined the WWE creative team’s originality. The draft, if anything, hurt the WWE even more. Suddenly Raw was very superstar heavy and Smackdown was light. WWE ratings seemed to drop as well, and it made me worry that the WWE might struggle to stay relevant in today’s society. But then the whole CM Punk leaving storyline came about, and suddenly we have been given exciting television again.

CM Punk opening up and speaking his mind, as well as pledging to stay in the WWE has done big things for the show. It just feels as if Raw has been given an injection of unpredictability in terms of promos. For the last few years the promos have been lost in a sense of ‘We’ve heard this before’ and nothing really original. But I think Punk speaking his mind has suddenly changed that. A great example of that is the segment last night that involved CM Punk’s promo and then subsequent segment with Triple H.

It was brilliant. During that whole confrontation with Triple H, you could just feel the dislike between them. You could feel that this wasn’t something that they had specifically planned in the back to say. You could see it in CM Punk’s eyes, he wanted to test Triple H, he wanted to call him out on issues that the WWE fans have had with him for a long time. His comment about Triple H telling his wife in bed “I just don’t think he has what it takes” was brilliant, and I really enjoyed it. I think that it was actually personal between them, and the line between a storyline and real life issues was pretty much gone. That is brilliant entertainment, and it gives the fans something to cheer about. That’s what makes great television, and it seems that CM Punk knows that. You could just tell that CM Punk is determined to give the WWE audience and wrestling fans everywhere something highly entertaining, edgy and enjoyable to watch. Even if that means putting his neck on the line and becoming disliked by people, or just being honest.

Maybe the creative staff has learnt this too, and maybe that’s the reason the anonymous Raw general manager has disappeared? Although Triple H isn’t my favourite character I prefer him to the anonymous general manager, as he can be involved in edgy storylines with CM Punk as an authority figure, whereas the anonymous GM was never really that involved in feuds(other than with Edge, that was funny). Speaking of the GM, has WWE just decided to quietly get rid of him? I really hope not. Not finding out who it is would be a missed opportunity. Even if they let someone who no one particularly cares about be the GM, at least it’s someone. It would give to that person’s heel career, and it’s better than it not ever being revealed. They should make Edge the GM, that’d mess with people’s heads. But I digress.

The edgy material is something that has been missing from Raw for a very long time, and it has made me look forward to every promo that CM Punk does and even Raw in general. Since Wrestlemania I haven’t really looked forward to watching wrestling. That was until CM Punk’s brilliant promo last month. I hope that brilliant stories like this are a part of Raw for a very long time, as it might bring in a lot more fans as well as keep us all entertained.

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