Why everybody could benefit from John Morrison moving to Friday nights

Posted on July 29, 2011


It was very nice to see the return of John Morrison on Monday night. It was a very unfortunate time for John to go down with an injury, especially during what seemed to be a push. He was competing in the main event of a show for the WWE Championship, and going down with an injury then must have been very frustrating.

It must have also been very frustrating for the WWE. You could tell that the injury caused a lot of plans to change. What was supposed to be a feud between Morrison and Truth had to be held back, and Truth was pushed to a very brief feud with Mysterio and a rushed and short feud with WWE Champion John Cena. This probably wasn’t a bad thing for R-Truth, as he got into the main event of a pay-per-view, but it may have held back John Morrison’s career a little.

The way he was brought back was strong though, so I can’t see his injury affecting the way he will be used much. However, I think that this feud between them has to lead to Morrison moving to Smackdown. Why is that? Well let’s have a look at a list some of the top superstars (not including Morrison, or anyone injured) on Raw, and I think you’ll see why.

John Cena

CM Punk

The Miz

Rey Mysterio

Alberto Del Rio

Dolph Ziggler

Jack Swagger

Alex Riley


Kofi Kingston

So let me ask you this, with all of those superstars on Raw, where is the space for Morrison to grow? Will Morrison really get into the world title picture with all those guys around? I really doubt it. Now let’s look at the top superstars on the Smackdown Roster, shall we?

Randy Orton



Mark Henry (I know, I feel dirty saying it)

Daniel Bryan

Cody Rhodes

Ezekiel Jackson

Wade Barrett

Look at that star power. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Not very good, huh? You know what Smackdown could use? John Morrison. In case you didn’t know, John Morrison IS on Smackdown this week. Is thisn a sign that WWE are thinking about making the switch? Well considering Morrison isn’t amazing on the mic, and his in-ring style very much suits Friday nights, I hope the WWE find a way to move Morrison over. What I would suggest is Morrison losing a loser leaves Raw match to Truth. That way Truth gets a push out of getting rid of him by cheating, and Morrison will be able to grow on Smackdown and be able to be a main eventer. It seems weird to me, but if Morrison moved to Smackdown it would instantly make him a main eventer. Think about it, it would. He’s more over than nearly all the faces on the brand.

Also Smackdown could use some other superstars. One that I would suggest move is Drew McIntyre, as he enjoyed a lot more success on Smackdown. Now that Sheamus is a face, maybe those too could have a celtic feud. As well as that, I would quite like to see Chris Masters move to Smackdown. I think he has a lot to offer the blue brand right now, and could be used in feuds with Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry and other heels. Why not? What else are they doing right now? I think that John Morrison would be a great addition to Smackdown, and I think he would instantly grow into a main eventer. It would benefit everyone, the WWE, John Morrison himself, R-Truth. So why not make it happen?

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