My thoughts on Triple H as the new authority figure in WWE (What happened to the anonymous Raw GM?)

Posted on July 27, 2011


I have NEVER liked Triple H. I have never been a fan. I never will be a fan, either. He has done too many unforgivable things for me(not putting Kane over at the peak of his career, not putting over people like RVD, dominating the world title scene on Raw)  to ever forgive him as a wrestling fan, and to be honest I don’t exactly understand why people like him. He has always seemed like an extremely average wrestler in my opinion. When I heard of his new backstage role, I wasn’t surprised but it did make me nervous. That was mainly because I thought that superstars who he liked who no one else really did would get big pushes just because he wanted them to. My fears were apparently proved right with Sin Cara, who was heavily pushed supposedly because he was Triple H’s first signing. Seeing how that turned out should prove to the higher ups in WWE that his opinion shouldn’t be trusted 100%.

Now though, he is also taking over as the authority figure in WWE, and it seems that the WWE are trying to get him over as a leader. I think the first sign of that were the changes that came about during his speech on Monday Night Raw. Bringing back J.R, resigning John Morrison (Although I’d like to point out he was INJURED, not out of contract) and then giving Zack Ryder a match were supposed to let everybody know that things are going to change now that Triple H is in charge. Finally getting Zack Ryder on television was just a way of getting Triple H over.  Also the apparent resigning of CM Punk is supposed to put Triple H over as a good leader of the company who will do what’s right. But let’s think about this. These changes were all brought about in order to get Triple H over as the new leader. I think that bringing in Triple H finally gave the writers an excuse to put Zack Ryder on television as well.

So with the WWE seemingly very interested in getting Triple H over as the new boss, does this spell the end for the anonymous Raw General Manager? Think about it, when was the last time we heard that gong and Michael Cole asked for our attention? Is this the end for the laptop? Well what I really don’t want to happen is for it to just be phased out quietly. There is so much potential in the anonymous Raw GM storyline to just pretend it never happened. What I suggest is, Triple H turns heel and announces that he was the GM.

Think about it, it makes so much sense. The interaction between R-Truth and Triple H on Raw proved to me that he doesn’t make a good face. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t interesting. If anything, it was cringeworthy. No one cares about face leaders. Just look at Teddy Long (Holla!) on Smackdown for that. No one cares. Having a heel boss is a good way of getting face superstars over. He would be so much better having a power trip and making people do what he wants, forcing the faces to fight against him. Maybe that could bring about a power struggle between Vince and his son-in-law? Although I have no real interest in seeing Triple H on television a lot, it would be a nice ending to the anonymous Raw GM storyline, without it fading away and not giving the fans any clue of who it was.

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