Daniel Bryan: WWE’s new main eventer?

Posted on July 23, 2011


Money in the Bank 2011 was one of the most surprising events I have ever witnessed. I remember watching other WWE PPV’s and predicting most of the results, and getting the majority of them right. But Money in the Bank wasn’t at all predictable. The CM PunkJohn Cena match was so tense because no one knew what would happen. The only result that was predictable was the Divas match between one of The Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly, as it was obvious that they wouldn’t take the title off Kelly Kelly. Apart from that though, how surprising was it?

The first big surprise of the night and the one that I am going to be talking about in this blog today, is the massive win by Daniel Bryan in the Smackdown Money In The Bank ladder match. I have to be honest with you people. Before the match I ran through the competitors and thought about which one would win, and I just couldn’t decide who. My favourites were Wade Barrett, or Sheamus (even though I really wanted Cody Rhodes to win). When I thought about the possibility of Daniel Bryan winning it, I completely disregarded him. But now I think about it, what a brilliant decision by the WWE creative team.

Don’t get me wrong, Daniel Bryan is probably one of the best wrestlers out there. I am a really big fan of him, and every week he never fails to entertain me. But the WWE haven’t exactly booked him very strongly. He’s always been booked as a threat, even to bigger superstars such as Sheamus. But still, the WWE has also used him in the past as a way of getting over their other superstars such as The Miz. That’s why when he won on Sunday, I was so surprised.

Have the WWE finally seen something in Bryan? Have they finally realised that he could be a main eventer in the WWE? What I love about Bryan is that he shows that he can be a main eventer and get people behind him by just being a very exciting and technically gifted wrestler. Sure, he’s competent on the mic as we saw last night on Smackdown, but I think it’s fair to say that he isn’t the most charismatic character. I really hope that this guy does get a chance to become a main eventer. The decision to give him that briefcase is hopefully the start of that.

What is a wise decision by the WWE is keeping Bryan holding that belt for a long time. He is in no way ready for a title reign. He is at the same level that Jack Swagger was when he won the briefcase a few years ago. He’s a mid-carder. Instead of him winning the big one straight away, he needs to be slowly developed into a main eventer. If he really is going to cash in that briefcase at Wrestlemania 28 (as he said on Smackdown last night) he needs to be built into a person that the majority would want to see in that main event. I can see the WWE possibly turning him heel if that plan goes up in smoke, and they don’t get him over. But I think that’s a bad idea.

The reason I think that’s a bad idea is pretty much summarised in this blog I did a while ago. When Christian turned heel it left a big hole in the Smackdown brand for a face. I discussed the possible replacements for Christian and Bryan was one of those listed. I truly believe that this is the time to build Bryan into that position. He has to become the new number 2 face on that brand underneath Randy Orton, and only then will he be ready for a world title reign. But him holding that briefcase gives him all the power in the world, whilst also keeping things flexible for the WWE creative team if something goes wrong. This could be interesting viewing.

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