Why it’s exciting to be a wrestling fan again (Did John Cena prove himself at MITB?)

Posted on July 22, 2011


Around the time of Wrestlemania 27 in March it was suddenly exciting to be a wrestling fan again. What with the surprise return of The Rock on Raw, as well as the announcement of Triple H vs The Undertaker for Wrestlemania, it was suddenly exciting again. You had to tune in to see what other surprises the WWE had in store for you, and it genuinely made you excited to watch the event.

However, straight after Wrestlemania I think it’s fair to say that the WWE creative team didn’t have a lot left in the tank. Suddenly there were no real exciting storylines and Edge retiring damaged the WWE. The only interesting feud that I have witnessed recently was Christian’s feud with Orton. However, even that seems to be going stale. Then, suddenly, out of literally nowhere, came the John CenaCM Punk feud. Considering how Punk was being used after his feud had ended with Randy Orton (which was sparingly, basically being a manager to Mason Ryan and the rest of the Nexus), I really wasn’t expecting him to go over in a feud with Rey Mysterio and then pin the WWE Champion on Raw. When he became number one contender for Money In The Bank, my cynical wrestling mind was telling me that this was just to send Punk out the door, and put Cena over in the process.

As it was pretty much accepted that Punk was definitely going, I assumed that it was a sure thing that Cena would win. I’m guessing a lot of others did too, especially when the “if Cena loses, he is fired” twist came. I was 100% sure that Punk was leaving the same way Jericho did; putting Cena over clean in his last match. But I really like CM Punk. While I was watching I was dreading Punk putting Cena over. I was dying to see Punk get that three count. As well as that, I really expected a brilliant match. As I said in my last blog, Cena needed to deliever here. Well I guess the question is, did he?

Sort of. They put on a brilliant match. A great match. They should be proud of themselves. However, the Cena just seemed to be a small part of that. The crowd in Chicago were brilliant. They gave that match an atmosphere that was unbelievable.  Also the fact that nobody knew where the feud was going made the match gripping. The match added to that, but I just can’t help thinking that if it had been someone else that ring other than Cena, that match could have been amazing! Imagine if that was HBK vs Punk. Imagine if it was Jericho. Although Cena did prove that he could put on a very good match, it could have been better if it was someone else. Watch that match back and take a shot every time Cena attempt the Attitude Adjustment. He does it a lot. Cena did a very solid and good job. That’s all I can say.

But this storyline has suddenly rejuvenated the WWE. It’s staleness is starting to disappear and it’s exciting, gripping television again. Money In The Bank is the best pay-per-view I have seen in a very long time. It made me remember why I am such a big wrestling fan. I marked out 3 times in one night. When Daniel Bryan won, when Christian won an when Punk won. Brilliant event. I am looking forward to tuning into Raw every week now, and I think that is mostly because of this brilliant CM Punk storyline. I just wish that this is what it could be like all the time.

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