Money In The Bank: John Cena’s make or break event.

Posted on July 15, 2011


Let me get this out there now, and jump on the bandwagon (a wagon I’ve been on for a while, I might add) of internet wrestling fans who don’t like John Cena. He is by far not one of my favourites. In all the years that he has been around I have never been fully behind him once. Not ever. I should probably justify why I have never liked John Cena before I am attacked by a mob of the Cenation. However, in order to be objective I should also tell you what I do like about him.

What I like:

  • The person he is

I am not talking about his character; I am talking about the man himself. He clearly has a lot of dedication to the WWE and wrestling in general and considering he does house shows, movies, and still finds time to be at Raw every week is insane. That is something I really respect and would never take away from him. The way he came back so early from a neck injury as a surprise participant in the Royal Rumble 2008 was amazing. You have to give the guy credit.

What I don’t like:

  • His character and the way the WWE uses it

His rapper character was okay. It was quite fun to watch and he was an entertaining heel. Even as a face at first he was okay because he was still kind of funny and edgy. I didn’t mind him then. I wasn’t a fan, but I didn’t mind him. Now he’s become a Hulk Hogan knock off. An incorruptible face who will always fight and never back down. A lot of his feuds have become the same and even though the Nexus storyline wasn’t amazing at least we got something different. I am dreading his feud with Del Rio, it’ll be the same as every other Cena feud we’ve seen. Yawn. But that’s not his fault. That’s the WWE writers fault for not thinking of creative ways to use him all the time. Instead it’s him getting beaten up a lot until he beats them at a pay per view. What gripping television.

  • His wrestling ability

I can tell that the WWE probably limit his moveset. I saw a few videos of him in OVW and he was better than he is now. I don’t know why the WWE would want to limit his moveset (or for certain whether they do), but his move set has not really evolved a lot since he became popular, which means that his matches have become pretty stale and predictable. This in turn means that he’s never had stand out matches for me in his career. Especially if you took stipulation matches out of the equation. All the best wrestlers had stand out matches. Michaels, Taker, Angle, Benoit, Jericho, Guerrero, Lesnar, but for me Cena doesn’t. One of the best of his I have seen is maybe Cena vs Michaels on Raw. That was a good match, but for me It wasn’t even close to how enetertaining Michaels vs Taker or Taker vs Angle for example.


What this blog is about (even though it slightly turned into me knocking Cena’s character) is his match with CM Punk this Sunday at MITB. Cena has not produced many of those amazing matches that make you want to tune into pay per views to see him in action. He is an entirely average wrestler who needs to prove himself in this industry. He needs to prove that he has the wrestling ability to put on a very entertaining match. This Sunday could be CM Punk’s last match in the WWE, and Punk is a brilliant wrestler. If Cena can’t get a brilliant match out of Punk, and vicsa versa, then I may lose hope in Cena entirely. If Cena cannot put on an amazing match with possibly the best wrestler in the world with a match so highly anticipated and hyped, then he never will. He needs to prove himself this Sunday, I just hope he follows through.

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