If WWE don’t want to bring back the Cruiserweight title, why not bring back the European or TV title?

Posted on July 13, 2011


I know I have talked about titles a lot recently. Not just the Cruiserweight title, but the Tag Team titles too. Well this will be the last time that I talk about the WWE bringing back any belts (unless something significant happens with them, obviously).Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much against having too many titles in the WWE. Remember the invasion? Jesus, there were so many titles it was difficult to even remember who was a champion. But eventually they whittled them down to a certain number which I felt was right. Now they have whittled it down even more and I believe there is space for at least 1 or 2 more belts in the WWE. Recently I have written about the WWE reviving the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Even though they seem to be hinting at possibly reviving the title, it still hasn’t happened yet and part of me is starting to doubt that they ever will. So that got me thinking, if they don’t want to have a title belt for strictly people below 220 lbs, why not bring back a belt similar in level to the old WWE European Championship or the WCW Television Championship?

The European title and the Television title gave lower mid-card to mid-card wrestlers something to fight over. It also gave them some importance, something to appear on shows for, as well as see what they would be like as a champion. If the WWE don’t want to bring back a belt just for Cruiserweights, they should bring this belt in.

Let me give you an example of why this is a good idea. When Chris Masters came into the WWE in his first year he was having matches for the WWE title without having won a belt before this. When his push was over and he eventually returned to the WWE in 2009, he returned with little to brag about. He has never held a belt in the WWE, and having a new belt would give people like Masters, Evan Bourne and others something to brag about. It would be a way to prove themselves as champions and assets.

Also, WWE seem obsessed with giving away title matches on free television. The problem with title matches on free TV is that they are not giving the fans a reason to tune into pay-per-views.  This is because you can see title changes for free on Monday night Raw, so why bother? If WWE want to have a belt to create excitement on a show, with the feeling that the title can change hands at any minute and go to any one, then why not have a championship that is defended on television every week like the WCW Television title was? It would mean that space is always used up on either Raw or Smackdown for something relevant, and it would add some much needed excitement to the WWE. Also the Cruiserweight wrestlers that I have mentioned in previous blogs would be able to get involved, and therefore they would still have something to fight over. To me, if anything this idea makes more sense to me than the revival of the Cruiserweight championship. I think it would be exciting to watch and would also help in talent development. Make it happen, WWE.

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