Could a feud between Jinder Mahal and Ezekiel Jackson elevate them both?

Posted on July 10, 2011


The other day I touched upon the feuds that Jinder Mahal may become involved in whilst The Great Khali is his lackey. One of the feuds I mentioned was one against current WWE Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson. At the time I just threw the Jackson idea out there because he is one of the only faces on the Smackdown roster. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me. A storyline between Ezekiel Jackson and Jinder Mahal may be very good for both superstars. Let me explain why.

I realise it doesn’t sound like the most entertaining feud in the world. I mean, firstly the mic work would probably not be the greatest, and the storyline would probably hinge on the commentators getting the feud over and telling the story. Also I doubt they would be wrestling five star classics; although maybe that’s unfair. We haven’t seen Jinder Mahal have a long match yet. We haven’t seen him on the mic a lot yet either. Maybe this feud wouldn’t be as bad as it first sounds. The story would involve:

The Intercontinental championship and Khali’s power

Jinder Mahal clearly wants to be successful. Maybe he would set his sights on the WWE Intercontinental championship and convince Khali to help him? As a giant, Khali may be one of the only people on Smackdown who can match Jackson’s strength. The feud would be Ezekiel Jackson getting dominated by Khali, and Jinder Mahal basically picking up the scraps. Maybe the feud would lead to a triple threat match between the three, where it’s teased that Khali will win the title for himself, before helping Jinder win it and pushing Khali’s face turn back even longer.

The United States of America

In order to get Ezekiel Jackson over it would also have to be about the USA. Ezekiel Jackson is only a face right now because he is feuding with heel superstars. He needs to give the WWE universe a reason to back him. I’m not saying turn him into Captain America (or Mr. America), but let him show the WWE universe that he is defending his country and its principles. Now the problem with that idea is that the WWE would be turning Jinder Mahal into a stereotypical Asian hating America character. That’s not what I want, and I assume that’s not what anyone else wants either, but it seems to be what WWE are doing anyway. To be fair it would get Jinder over as a heel and Jackson over as a face, so maybe it is a good idea.

The end of the feud

The feud would logically end with both superstars as elevated as possible. In my view, it would be a good idea to give Jinder the belt for a little while and have Jackson chase the belt again; being cut down by Khali at every opportunity. But eventually, maybe Khali would cost Jinder the title by accident, which would set the eventual Khali-Jinder feud in motion. Jinder would threaten to divorce The Great Khali’s sister again if he doesn’t help him win back the title. Jackson would beat Jinder cleanly in the rematch which would make Jackson look good, and kick off the official start of Khali’s face turn. The problem with this potential feud is that it might get a bit boring and repetitive. Also the mic work would have to be good in order to get the feud over, and I don’t know if these guys are up to it. But I think that it would probably make fans in America care more about Jackson, as well as make them hate Jinder more. That would hopefully make Jackson more of a face and Mahal more of a heel. That can only be a good thing.

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