Whatever happened to ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters?

Posted on July 6, 2011


As a major wrestling fan it can be quite difficult to be highly dedicated to wrestling all of the time. Sometimes you get so frustrated with the product or you lose interest in the content they are giving you that you switch off, and you give it a year or so to get your motivation back. This happened to me in 2004 and I didn’t come back until early 2005. I just wasn’t enjoying it as much as I used to. JBL was reigning on Smackdown as WWE champion and Triple H was World Heavyweight Champion on Raw. At the time it wasn’t what I found interesting and I gave myself a break. What’s great is getting back into it. Finding out what you missed. Another great thing about taking a break is coming back to a new superstar. For me, that was ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters.

He had a good physique, his Masterlock finisher and his gimmick of no one being able to break it meant that he was always a threat in the ring. A feud with Shawn Michaels put him on the map as a high mid-card wrestler, and at one point he even brought John Cena to unconsciousness because of his Masterlock.  Everything seemed right with Chris Masters. That was until he entered into a business partnership with Carlito in which the two teamed up on many occasions. One of those occasions was New Year’s Revolution where they teamed up in the Elimination Chamber and were both in the last 3 with John Cena.  But Carlito would betray Masters and ended up costing them both the title. They teamed up again in the Royal Rumble match before the same thing happened, and their partnership continued even after that as they faced The Big Show and Kane for the World Tag Team Championship. Eventually Masters feuded with Carlito, with Carlito turning face and coming out on top. Even though it was Carlito constantly backstabbing Masters, and Master’s was the bigger man and apparently very dangerous, Carlito came out very much on top. I think this may have contributed a lot to Chris Masters eventually falling down the card.

This was the beginning of the end of Chris Masters. His pursuit of the Intercontinental Championship was fruitless, and he ended up in rehab. This drug problem cost Masters highly, as I think if he had won the Intercontinental Championship he might have been elevated to a higher level. To this day he has still yet to hold a belt within the WWE. This is where the European title came in handy for wrestlers.

Chris Masters eventually returned, but he was much smaller in size and was entered into feuds with people like Supercrazy and Santino Marella. His Masterlock was finally broken by Bobby Lashley, and this basically killed off Chris Master’s character. A short lived move to Smackdown later and his first stint with the WWE was done.

He returned in 2009 as a lower mid-card wrestler but he has never really been the same. He has not had a main show feud since his return, and although he has been booked as a threat, he has still yet to be used in a feud on a main show. Letting his Masterlock be broken was a short sighted and silly decision by the WWE. It’s no wonder that Chris Masters struggles to get on Raw at the moment. Now he is one of the few faces on the Raw roster, maybe he will be given some time on Raw to demonstrate that he is still ‘The Masterpiece’. If the drug problems he encountered didn’t happen, his Masterlock was never broken and that maybe he came out stronger during his feud with Carlito, maybe now he’d be a lot higher on the card.

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