Top 5 current WWE characters – Number 1: CM Punk.

Posted on July 3, 2011


This is it. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. My list of the five best WWE characters right now is finally coming to an end. If you missed number five, four, three or two, feel free to catch up. Hopefully you’ll agree that this man has to be number one. That man is CM Punk. You don’t know how much it hurts me that this man may be leaving soon. He is by the far the best character in the WWE. Let’s go through the reasons why shall we?

His character’s traits:

His straight-edge heel character has always been brilliant. He sees himself as a leader, a mastermind, a great wrestler, and has a strong belief that he is better than everyone else. Using the fact that he’s straight-edge as a reason for why he’s better than everyone else is a brilliant heat magnet. If you smoke and drink, you feel like he is looking down on you. If you have’t got a job, he makes you feel bad about it. Brilliant heel work. His feud with Randy Orton also showed how he could get people involved with his character and feud. He showed that he wanted revenge on Orton for what he did to him back at Unforgiven 2008 by costing him the World title, and it made the feud even more personal. It made the feud genuinely make sense, rather than it just being thrown together. I would argue that he’s the reason that people cared.

His wrestling ability:

Although he hasn’t recently set the ring on fire with a five star classic, he has always put on solid matches that have a decent story within them and his matches are almost always entertaining. His character is always very much emphasized in these matches, with him being very vocal as well as portraying his belief that he is the best. As I said, since his move to Raw he hasn’t put on any five star classics. His matches were pretty good but kind of repetitive with Orton seemingly always getting the win with a surprise RKO. His recent matches with Rey Mysterio were pretty good, and those two have genuine chemistry together (although I believe that feud was very much shoehorned into that pay-per-view). Also the triple threat match between Mysterio, Del Rio and Punk a few weeks ago on Raw was very good. Before this Raw stint however, he had some brilliant matches with John Morrison, Jeff Hardy and others back on Smackdown.

His mic work:

As you have probably seen already, his promo on Raw was amazing. The way he said it so confidently, with so much passion, you could tell he wasn’t just remembering his lines. He was speaking from the heart about how he felt, and obviously that is what the WWE wanted him to do. They wanted the fans to get involved in this feud. They want the fans to want to know more about this. They knew that Punk could get that job done on the mic, and he did it brilliantly. It wasn’t just that, he has always been great on the mic, and losing him will hurt the WWE. His mic work made his feud with Jeff Hardy one of the best I have seen in recent history. Not having a person who can make a feud just by talking is going to bring down the WWE’s product.

If Punk does leave soon, they will be losing their best character. He might not leave, let’s remember that this could be a storyline and he could have already signed a deal to stay on. However, as the WWE seem to be struggling to make interesting stories as it is, losing their best character will only bring down the product. If he does go, someone needs to step up, as there is going to be a huge gap if he goes. This is an opportunity to create a new star; I just hope they don’t mess it up.

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