Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd: The future stars of a new Cruiserweight division?

Posted on July 1, 2011


Two days ago I wrote on how the WWE should bring back the Cruiserweight title, and give the mass of WWE superstars underneath 220lbs who aren’t doing anything significant something to fight over. I was thinking about it and if the WWE did bring back this title, who would be the major players in that new division, and where would the title be defended?

As there are Cruiserweights on both brands, I think that the belt would have to be a dual-brand belt, similar to what the tag titles and the Divas championship is. However, the belt would probably be mostly defended on the Smackdown brand as it always has been, as there are just more Cruiserweights on that show. In fact, not even that. It would probably be mostly defended on WWE Superstars, but that’s okay. At least then people would watch WWE Superstars in order to see any title changes. As I have spoken about before, I think the most natural home for the Cruiserwight championship is a new third brand, as it would fill out the brand nicely. But if the WWE aren’t going to do that, there is more than enough space on the Smackdown brand for one cruiserweight match a week. It was so exciting back in the day when the Cruiserweight division was filled with superstars such as Jamie Noble, The Hurricane, Mysterio and even when Matt Hardy ventured into the division.

So if the Cruiserweight division came back now, who would be the stars of the new division? Well the obvious answer to that is Evan Bourne. I am sick of watching him scrape wins or lose on Raw. He would be the star of the new division, and he would put on lots of highly entertaining Cruiserweight matches doing it. But there can’t be just one star on a show (Although apparently the WWE think that just Randy Orton will do on Smackdown). There has to be another star in that division to make it interesting. That man is Tyson Kidd.

I think that Tyson Kidd would be the main heel of the Cruiserweight division. He would need a manager to help him on the mic (as in a full-time manager, not the temporary ones he’s been having on WWE Superstars every week), but wrestling wise he is all set. I would liken him to Dean Malenko. He wouldn’t be a high flying cruiserweight, (Although he can fly with the best of them) he would be the more technically based wrestler. A feud between him and other high flyers, as well as between Evan Bourne and other heel Cruiserweights, would be a great range of matches to enjoy.

Also, as I mentioned in my blog the other day, when Tyson Kidd or any other heel Cruiserweight decides they are the best Cruiserweight in the world, in comes Sin Cara or Rey Mysterio to prove them wrong as the big dogs of the Cruiserweight division. A feud with those superstars could put people like Tyson Kidd on the map and maybe even elevate them to intercontinental championship level.

I think the WWE should at least try this. It’s not as if they have anything to lose by it. They’re giving wrestlers who are doing nothing something to do, as well as filling up the TV time they seem to be wasting on dance segments and Michael Cole talking.

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