Why the WWE needs a Cruiserweight Championship.

Posted on June 29, 2011


Anyone remember why Friday the 28th of September, 2007 is important? No? Neither did I until I looked it up. Turns out this was the day the WWE Cruiserweight championship was vacated for the last time, before eventually being quietly retired. The title had so much history, as it was originally a WCW belt before replacing the old WWE Light-Heavyweight championship after the invasion. The title had some great former champions, including Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero. It’s a shame then that at the end of that list comes Hornswoggle; a joke character.

I was never exactly a massive fan of the Cruiserweight division, but its matches were pretty entertaining and it was nice having something different on Smackdown every week. That’s why I thought it was a mistake retiring it in the first place. Suddenly many Cruiserweights including Chavo Guerrero, Jimmy Yang and Gregory Helms had nothing to do. Emerging cruiserweights like Evan Bourne and Yoshi Tatsu suddenly had no relevance to WWE tapings because there was little reason for them to be there. WWE seem very unwilling to push any of them, other than Rey Mysterio and apparently Sin Cara. So that’s why watching Sin Cara vs Evan Bourne this week on Raw really annoyed me.

Clearly they know that this is a match that the WWE audience wants to see. Doesn’t that make them realise that Cruiserweight action in general might be what we want? There are many Cruiserweights on the WWE roster right now who are doing nothing. I bet there’s many Cruiserweights in FCW as well who could come up to thicken the Cruiserweight division as well if needs be. Let’s have a look at the list now:

Evan Bourne
Yoshi Tatsu
Trent Baretta
Tyson Kidd
Justin Gabriel
Sin Cara
Rey Mysterio

Now obviously Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio are unlikely to enter the Cruiserweight division as the WWE seem to have much grander plans for them. But the way I see it they can pop in and out of the division as the veterans who can test the new Cruiserweight wrestlers as they try and rise through the ranks. They can be considered as the veterans of the Cruiserweight division who are the true final test for any emerging Cruiserweights.

Instead of terrible dance segments and wastes of time on Raw and Smackdown why not let the fans watch a great high flying match between some of these guys? It could give them some much needed relevance and on top of that, maybe get some of them over on a higher level. Bring back the Cruiserweight championship now, and let these guys prove that they are more than just jobbers to people like Jinder Mahal.

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