Why Cody Rhodes isn’t perfect.

Posted on June 26, 2011


So I was reading through the last blog I wrote, which you can read here, and I suddenly realised that in the whole blog I don’t think I criticised Cody Rhodes once. There must be some flaws to his character, because if there wasn’t he’d be World Heavyweight Champion right now and he wouldn’t be number 2 on my list. Also I’ve written a few other blogs where I’ve confessed how much I enjoy Cody Rhodes’s new character. So now I think it’s only fair that I go through some of my own criticisms of Cody Rhodes and his character. I want to point out now that I really do like Cody Rhodes, and at the moment he is one of my favourite wrestlers in the WWE. But that doesn’t mean that I am short sighted in the fact that his character may have issues. So let’s get started…

His lack of knee-pads

It annoys me that I can see his knees because he doesn’t look normal. I think most wrestlers have knee pads, and seeing his knees is kind of distracting in the ring.

His voice

Although I understand the reasoning behind his voice, which is that he is trying to show the mentally hurt side of himself, it seems highly dramatic for what has actually happened to him. If he toned it down a bit and used aggression in his voice to show how angry he has become, I think that would be more effective.

The way he didn’t stand out before this

Before he had this mentally deranged gimmick, he had a gimmick that was obsessed with his own beauty. While the transition between the two gimmicks was natural and very well done, the transition between his gimmick within Legacy and his ‘Dashing’ gimmick seemed stupid. There was hardly any reason given for why he suddenly decided to go around talking about his looks, as this had never really been hinted at when he was in Legacy. Because he seemed highly ordinary in Legacy, and not that special as ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes, he never stood out before this current gimmick. Now that might not be his fault, he might not have been given the opportunity to be creative. That’s why I hope he doesn’t give up on this gimmick any time soon, because I don’t want him to go back to ‘ordinary’ Cody Rhodes.

The paper-bags

Although they kind of define his characters love of beauty and hatred of the ugly, I have a bad feeling that it is just making people laugh at him rather than hate him. People at ringside put the bags over their heads and have a laugh about it, but it’s not supposed to be a laughing matter. When he puts the paper-bags over his opponents head after a match it’s supposed to be a humiliation to that superstar. I don’t know how long this paper-bag thing will last, but hopefully it’s just something that is occurring in his feud with Daniel Bryan.

So there you go, a collector’s item from me today; me criticising Cody Rhodes. I would savour this because it is not going to happen a lot. I am convinced that Cody is destined for the big time, and I think that if he can stay healthy and he is given the right feuds, it’s only a matter of time.

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