Top 5 current WWE characters – Number 2: Cody Rhodes.

Posted on June 24, 2011


Welcome to number 2 in my list of the five best characters currently in the WWE. If you missed number five, number four or number three feel free to catch up. I know I am really going to enjoy writing this post, because this Superstar is currently one of my favourites in the WWE. To be honest, he is one of the main reasons I watch Smackdown. His name is Cody Rhodes.

His character is the best on Smackdown right now. If you disagree, I would be more than willing to listen to you about who you think is the best on the Smackdown brand (I swear to god if you say Mark Henry I won’t even answer you). He puts so much time and consideration into his character, into his mannerisms, into the way he is. The way he walks to the ring, covering his face from people because he doesn’t think he is good looking anymore. His music is a darker version of his old music from his ‘Dashing’ days. His leather coat and hood matches his new personality. Everything about him tells me he gets it. He is playing the character to perfection, and I am enjoying it so much.

The other thing I love about him is that he’s so good on the mic. This promo I particularly enjoyed (skip to 2 minutes 15 seconds) as I think it really did add something to the feud between Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes. Before that, there was little reasoning for the feud to happen. This promo right here told me why Cody Rhodes was targeting Daniel Bryan. His blandness, his supposed ordinariness. That’s why Cody wants to get at Bryan, because he hates the ugly, and that’s why he hands out paper bags. He also says that he is now ugly, and this tells me that he also has a level of hatred for himself. This explains why his voice has gone down to an upset tone whenever he is talking, and why he has become so much more aggressive in the ring. Everything Cody does leads back to his love of attractiveness and his hatred of the fact that it has been taken away from him. There was also this promo (skip to 4 minutes exactly) which explained Cody Rhodes’s point of view on his mental state. It was so well written and brilliantly acted out by both him and Ted Dibiase.

The evolution of his character has been brilliant, from Dashing to scarred Cody Rhodes. The whole thing has made sense, and it has taken Cody to a new level. I am so high on Cody Rhodes right now, because his character is so interesting. The way he interacts with other superstars is what I am looking forward to seeing. I am hoping to see Cody Rhodes evolve into a main eventer, and have very interesting feuds with bigger face superstars on the roster.

What I really don’t want right now is for Cody to be left behind people like Sin Cara and Ezekiel Jackson. He really needs to be concentrated on so that he can become a staple in the WWE. He needs to continue a very interesting feud with Daniel Bryan (where we see a different side of Bryan’s personality) as well as a feud with his former Legacy team mate Ted Dibiase. Eventually there will be a big feud with his other former Legacy team mate, Randy Orton. That will be the big one, and I really can’t wait to see it. Those are the reasons why Cody Rhodes is the best character on the Smackdown brand, and number 2 on my list, but there is another superstar who is better and the best character in the WWE right now…

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