Top 5 current WWE characters – Number 3: R-Truth

Posted on June 20, 2011


Welcome to number three in my list of the best characters in WWE right now. If you missed number five and number four, feel free to catch up. Today we’re talking about a superstar that definitely wouldn’t have made this list before his heel turn, and that is R-Truth.

I can guarantee you now, R-Truth definitely wouldn’t have been on this list if he didn’t turn heel. He is a glowing example of what a heel turn can do for somebody. It has completely revitalised his career, and has even brought him a main event match at Capitol Punishment against the WWE Champion John Cena. Although I would say that the WWE creative team were very lazy with the two main event feuds going into the event (considering both Christian vs Orton and Truth vs Cena were about the two heels turning on the fans for their lack of championship gold).

Despite the lazy booking, R-truth is still one of the more interesting characters in the WWE right now. His character is shown to be crazy, talking to himself and saying completely irrational and paranoid statements that are in no way normal. Some of these are very entertaining and gives adult fans a good laugh, whereas it probably creeps out a lot of other adult fans and especially child fans. He also generates a lot of heel heat by attacking much loved face characters such as Mysterio, Cena and Morrison, and blaming the fans for his lack of success.

What I love so much about this heel turn is how good his new character is compared to his old one. His old character was pretty bland, little personality and you’re standard face. His defining feature being the fact that he entertained the fans on his way to the ring and got people cheering. Other than that, he was your typical mid-card face. Now his character has evolved into this entertaining crazy heel character, which is very interesting to watch. Kofi Kingston should take notes.

But one thing I would say for R-Truth is that he has been pushed into a main event situation way too early. Since he’s been heel he’s had 3 feuds already, in the space of about 2 months. His feuds have been very rushed and that’s definitely not his fault. If it wasn’t for John Morrison’s injury I believe they still would’ve been feuding now. But the fact that now he has been placed into the main event of a pay-per-view that looks like it’s not going to get a sequel worries me. What worries me is that he’ll get the blame for not drawing a crowd in the main event, which isn’t his fault. He needs time to establish himself as a force within the WWE, and I just hope he gets that time. Unfortunately it seems that WWE are rushing every possible feud his character can have, and that’s a shame.

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