Why i’m not a fan of Sin Cara

Posted on June 17, 2011


If you have read my past blogs, then you’ll know I am passionate about wrestling (If not, why not go and take a look?). That’s why sometimes I get very ranty about wrestlers when I think that they are being used either too much or too little. This blog is going to be one of those rants. Remember this is just my opinion, so feel free to call me wrong and tell me why he is amazing.

Sin Cara. I am really not a fan of his. I didn’t watch him in Mexico, I saw a couple of highlights and he looked pretty awesome. Then he finally made it to WWE, other than his first appearance, he has been a massive disappointment in my eyes.

I think every match I have seen him in he’s botched a move. Not just a small move, ‘cause that happens from time to time. I am talking a BIG move. His debut match was no exception. He’s continued to do it, and yet WWE have stuck by him. It’s obvious he is clearly not ready for WWE competition just yet. Why wasn’t he put in developmental for a while until he learnt English and how to wrestle a WWE match? Because at the moment, he CAN’T wrestle a WWE style match. There is absolutely no psychology in his wrestling, it’s just flashy move after flashy move. Alberto Del Rio explained it nicely in this interview, where he says that you are supposed to have a reason for every move, not just be flashy. He gets it! Sin Cara doesn’t yet.

So this begs the question, why is he still getting a push if he isn’t ready? Maybe it’s a coincidence that he is apparently Triple H’s first talent acquisition and the WWE refuse to stop pushing him. If another wrestler came in and botched a lot, would he still be getting pushed? I wonder. If another wrestler came in and botched a lot, would WWE buy another wrestler for him to work with in order to get him over?

There’s a load of other things that annoy me about him, too. In my opinion his music is terrible. If WWE were hoping on creating an atmosphere, they’ve done it, because no one reacts at all. Also, what’s with those stupid lights?! Why do they go dim and orange whenever he is in the ring? It just makes it harder to watch. It doesn’t create an atmosphere. If anything, it hides his awful botched finishers from the crowd. Speaking of that, what is his bloody finisher? I think I have seen 3 or 4 different ones now. Just pick one!

But what annoys me most about him, is the fact that I can’t see his face, hear him talk or engage with him at all. The whole mysterious silent masked face thing just doesn’t work in my opinion. It only works if they talk. Sin Cara can’t speak English right now, which makes him impossible to engage with in any way. The WWE audience are supposed to gauge whether they like him entirely on his wrestling ability. If this is WWE’s plan, why isn’t Daniel Bryan getting that push instead? I have seen much better matches out of Daniel Bryan than I have Sin Cara; and he speaks English. Pushing Sin Cara is a waste of time, because eventually the WWE will get bored of trying to push Triple H’s project and he’ll remain in the mid-card for the rest of his WWE career. Push Daniel Bryan instead, and make a lot of people happy in the process; and I swear to god if they job Cody Rhodes to him….

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