Who will take up Christian’s face spot on the Smackdown roster?

Posted on June 15, 2011


With Christian’s heel turn a few weeks ago on Smackdown, yet another face has been taken from us in the world of the WWE. If memory serves me correctly, in recent history we’ve lost Christian, R-truth, Mark Henry and The Great Khali to the dark side; and who has turned to the light? Alex Riley and The Usos. Sigh. I love to question the WWE creative team, because their decisions are sometimes very dubious. Why add heels to an already heel heavy roster? Seems silly to me.

But with Christian finally turning heel, maybe the WWE can start concentrating on bringing some Superstars up through the roster to fill in the gaps. Here are some of the superstars that could potentially be elevated by Christian’s heel turn:

Daniel Bryan: I love Daniel Bryan’s wrestling ability. I am always entertained by him; especially when you put him in the ring with someone who can go, like Dolph Ziggler for example. But then saying that, so far in the WWE he has not been given a lot of time on the mic. Maybe this could be the chance he needs. Back on Raw he was part of the higher mid-card, and seemed to look strong against most of the other high mid-carders, an example being his feuds with The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Hopefully this means that the WWE will let him grow into a higher position on Smackdown.

Ted Dibiase: As I wrote in a past blog, it would probably be in everyone’s interest to turn Ted Dibiase face. Why not? He’s not doing anything else right now (Other than being Cody’s lackey). Turn him face and see if he can claim the upper mid-card face spot as his own.

Sin Cara: To be honest with you, I’m not a fan of Sin Cara. He hasn’t shown me anything that makes me want to get behind him. I won’t go into all that now. What I will say is though; the WWE might take this chance to put him into a feud with a bigger heel superstar than Chavo Guerrero (hopefully not Cody Rhodes).

Ezekiel Jackson:
The thing about big Zeke is, the only reason anyone is really cheering him right now is because he’s facing members of The Corre every week. If he is to go to another level, he needs to give the fans a reason to cheer him (other than the fact he is facing heels), otherwise he’ll fall straight back into being a monster heel again.

WWE need to start bringing faces through fast. They can’t rely on John Cena and Randy Orton to keep them going forever. Maybe this is the chance a face on Smackdown needs to make a name for themselves. If not one of these guys, why not bring Zack Ryder over to the blue brand…

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