My thoughts on Christian’s recent heel turn.

Posted on June 14, 2011


After seeing Smackdown on Friday, we have finally seen Christian’s first full-fledged heel turn in the WWE since 2005. To be honest I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. It felt very rushed if you ask me. I would have preferred a slower heel turn, hinting at Christian turning heel with him getting a bit more heelish every week. What I thought would have happened when I first saw Christian hit Orton with the World Heavyweight title a week and a half ago is that Christian would attack Orton in order to antagonise him into a title match, but not turn on the fans. Then, after witnessing the fans turning on him in favour of Randy Orton, he would turn on them and question why they made such a big deal about him losing the title if they would be on Orton’s side straight after.

But that’s not what WWE decided to do. Instead they went with that story, except all Christian had to go on was that one attack. Just one attack and we’re supposed to believe that he’s changed overnight? I don’t like it personally. It seems so lazy to me. I believe that one of the best heel turns in recent years was CM Punk’s when he gradually turned heel on Jeff Hardy, in what was a very similar storyline to Orton and Christian’s. However, the focus of Hardy and Punk’s feud was drugs, and Orton and Christian’s is the World title. But it could have worked the same way. Punk was getting a bit more heelish every week, until he fully turned on the fans. I think that should have been the way Christian turned, but that’s just my opinion. To me it seems very lazy, but to be fair to Christian he cut a decent promo and got the crowd against him well enough. I just hope it continues.

Another thing that I thought when I saw the heel turn this week is that clearly the WWE were planning on turning Christian heel when he was in the storyline with Alberto Del Rio and Edge. However, obviously Edge retired before any potential feud could have happened and that is a real shame. I think a main event level feud between the once storyline brothers would have been highly entertaining, but clearly it wasn’t to be. What this does mean now though is that we get a feud between Orton and Christian who have consistently put on very good matches whenever they are in the ring together, and that’s great. Hopefully this means that Christian can be elevated to the level of a main event heel for the foreseeable future.

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