When Skip Sheffield returns, will he be a face or a heel?

Posted on June 10, 2011


For those of you who haven’t heard (or simply don’t care), Skip Sheffield has to undergo a third surgery after he broke his leg in 2010. This means he’s going to be out for even longer, and it’s pushing a year on the shelf as it is. If you don’t know Skip Sheffield, he was a part of NXT season 1 and was a part of the original incarnation of The Nexus. I feel very sorry for Skip Sheffield as right when he and the rest of The Nexus were getting a push, he was unfortunately sidelined for the long term and mostly forgotten about. When he was with The Nexus he was their monster, their enforcer, their big man. He was a heel when we last saw him but that got me to thinking, when he does eventually come back will he be a heel?

Well let’s think about this. WWE is very heel heavy right now, and they could do with a few more faces on the roster. When he was part of NXT season 1 he was a face, he even had catchphrases. That would suggest to me that he can play a face character, and I think the WWE should use it. He reminds me very much of Festus, as when he is face he’s a fun character people can get behind but he is very dominant in the ring. If anything though, that character suits tag teams, as has been proven by The Big Show and Kane’s face characters. So maybe Skip Sheffield would be best used in a face tag team with someone else. However, because the WWE does not use tag teams properly anymore, that might not be an option.

So is singles competition the answer? Well not on Smackdown, it’s not. Unfortunately Ezekiel Jackson has the monster face role all to himself. So what about Raw? Maybe he could re-join The Nexus and have an internal feud with Mason Ryan? That would lead to Skip leaving for a singles role. The problem with that scenario is that The Nexus might not even be around when he gets back, what with the rumours that CM Punk is leaving the WWE. Whatever the scenario is though, when Skip Sheffield does come back, he should be given the chance as a face. There are a lot of monster heels in the WWE, and no matter how long he is out for; I think the WWE will probably need more faces by the time he gets back. Let’s see what happens.

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