Top 5 current WWE characters – Number 5: Randy Orton

Posted on June 8, 2011


The characters that wrestlers portray are an interesting thing. Some characters get in the way of actually making progress in a wrestlers career, whereas a good character can take you to a new level within the WWE. I am doing a 5 wrestler list of the best current WWE characters. Wrestling ability will not be a variable here, only their character and how entertaining, interesting and compelling they are.

My number five is the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Yeah, for once he’s not in the top two or three. If this was a WWE list he would be. But I don’t have an agenda of not making him look weak compared to the other characters he’ll be behind. I have spoken about his ‘Viper’ character before in this blog here, and mentioned that he seems to be slowly abandoning the character since his move to Smackdown, and that distresses me a lot. His ‘Viper’ character on Raw was very interesting. His cold, calculating and heartless characteristics made him always interesting to watch, as a heel and a face. He brought every part of his character into his game. His moves, in particular walking around his opponent whilst stomping on every body part and the punt kick, really shows you that he has taken his character into high consideration when thinking of his move-set. It’s not just that, even his physique changed during his character change from egotistical heel to ‘The Viper’. Randy Orton has done really well in thinking about the psychology behind his character. So why so low on the list?

It’s because I am worried. I can guarantee you now that John Cena will not be on this list because his character doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I stopped being engaged with him because I see no dark in him, and there has to be a bit of darkness to a character. After I saw Kofi Kingston beat up Randy Orton, after I saw John Morrison beat up the members of The Nexus and grow a badass beard, I suddenly had a bit of faith in their characters. I have no faith in Cena at all. Sure he beats up heels really bad and puts em through a table or something sometimes, but there’s never any hint that that could lead to a heel turn in the future. That bothers me in a big way.

So what does that have to do with Randy Orton being so low on the list? Because I am really worried that they are trying to groom Orton into a Cena character, the full on face character. I really don’t want that, that’s boring and stale and have no depth or dimension. I hope he keeps his ‘Viper’ character because it’s one of the best in the WWE in my opinion, but if he turns into a super face he’ll probably become heavily uninteresting in my eyes. He’s number five on my list right now, but if he keeps his character as it is, he will be higher in my estimations.

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