Drew McIntyre: Is he still ‘The Chosen One’ ?

Posted on June 6, 2011


A few days ago I did a blog that suggested that a new third brand would be beneficial for many wrestlers, including Drew McIntyre. However, in my last blog I summarized some of the wrestlers who would benefit most from a third brand, and I did not include Drew McIntyre. That’s because I changed my mind. Although I absolutely believe that Drew McIntyre is wasting away on Raw, and his talent is in no way being used to its full potential, a move to a third brand may not be what is best for him right now.

I think that right now Drew McIntyre would be better off moving back to Smackdown from Raw. Why is Drew McIntyre wasting away on Raw when Mark Henry is taking up a top heel role on Smackdown? A few weeks ago Mark Henry and Sheamus teamed against Christian and Randy Orton. Considering not long ago Mark Henry and Sheamus had a mini feud on Raw, wouldn’t it have made more sense if Sheamus and Drew McIntyre formed an alliance? They are both Celtic, both have had interactions with each other but have never been on the same brand. They even teamed up in the Royal Rumble. In my opinion, it would have made more sense to let Drew McIntyre grow into a bigger heel role on Smackdown whilst Mark Henry stayed as a mid-card heel on Raw.

It makes very little sense to me. Drew McIntyre could be over on Smackdown right now ready to feud with Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. A feud between those two wrestlers would be rather interesting what with their personalities, and Randy Orton needs some more superstars to feud with after his feud with Christian is over. There is room to grow on Smackdown as a heel right now, whereas there is none on Raw. Drew could once again become ‘The Chosen One’.

But with that, it doesn’t have to be Drew McIntyre who moves. It could be any of the heels on Raw who are not being used properly such as Jack Swagger or Dolph Ziggler. I just don’t get what the writing staff were thinking when they were writing the draft. They have a very heel heavy Raw and Smackdown is rather lacking in a big heel role right now. Maybe they are grooming Christian into it, but personally I would have kept one of those heels on Smackdown. Obviously, however, WWE have decided otherwise and are probably not willing to swap people so soon after the draft. However, they apparently did it with Alex Riley, so who knows?

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