Who would benefit most from a new third brand?

Posted on June 3, 2011


Recently I blogged on the fact that WWE NXT is a waste of time, and that WWE would benefit a lot more from dedicating that time and money to a new third brand. The reason I think it would benefit them so much is because there are so many wrestlers on the roster right now who are being over looked. This is because there is simply not enough time to push everyone who probably deserves to be pushed. So with that said, who does deserve to be given a chance if there was a new third brand? Who would benefit most from getting some time on television to prove themselves at a higher level?

Chris Masters:

Chris Masters hasn’t been relevant since Bobby Lashley broke his Masterlock. His whole gimmick was his unbreakable Masterlock, and then someone broke it. He went to job on Smackdown before leaving, and then returned in 2009. His face turn was unexpected to me, and I think probably breathed new life into him. Recently he even beat former Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre on WWE Superstars. Chris Masters could benefit from a move to a third brand as it may prove to the WWE that he can flourish in a feud over a title. Maybe then the WWE can start pushing the Masterlock again, and show that it is difficult to break.

Zack Ryder:

He is the internet wrestling fan’s new favourite wrestler, and he is being wasted on WWE Superstars. His Youtube videos increased his popularity, and now he makes a couple of cameo appearances on Raw because WWE have finally realised that people like him. But they’re still not actually using him on Raw. I think the WWE could use him a bit better by letting him loose on the third brand. Give him a chance to let his character grow, just like The Miz was. When The Miz was on ECW he went up to the next level, and Zack Ryder can do the same if he’s given the chance.

Ted Dibiase:

I wrote a blog on Ted Dibiase a week or two ago, and a third brand would be brilliant for him. He has quite a unique character, in that he’s ‘The Million Dollar Man’s’ son, and he should be using that a lot more like he was on Raw before he started jobbing. He could be a leading heel, and it might just show the WWE that he is ready for a role on one of the bigger shows.


The brand would need to be padded out, and that could be done with the high amount of Cruiserweights they have on the roster right now. Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta, Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne. Why aren’t these guys fighting over a title rather than doing nothing? The third brand could be used to give these guys a platform to perform on, and I think it would add excitement.

The problem with the WWE right now is that they are not giving many people a chance. If they give people a chance and it doesn’t work, at least they gave them a chance right? At least they tried. That’s what the third brand could be used for, and it would highly benefit Smackdown and Raw in the end.

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