WWE NXT needs to make way for a new third brand.

Posted on June 1, 2011


Let me ask one question: Who watches NXT? Anybody? No? That’s what I thought. The fact that it is now a WWE.com exclusive would tell me that clearly it wasn’t getting the ratings. Also it’s obvious that WWE doesn’t really wanna bother with it anymore. It’s something they do a lot with new shows. Look at ECW, it had big superstars on it at first like The Big Show, Rob Van Dam, and Kurt Angle, and eventually whittled down to Superstars like Zack Ryder, Yoshi Tatsu and William Regal getting shots at Christian’s ECW championship. Eventually, WWE stopped caring and let it whittle away. Same goes for WWE Superstars. It started out with The Undertaker in the main event, and has now become a rehash of WWE Heat. Now it seems the WWE has stopped caring about NXT as well.

My point with this is, why is NXT even around? We already have WWE Tough Enough, so why not just have that to bring in new faces, and replace NXT with a new third brand? The great thing about WWE’s old third brand, ECW, is that it gave people like Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne a place to debut, wrestle good matches and be grow on a brand before they got tested on one of the bigger brands. It let Superstars who had lost their way, such as The Miz, grow into bigger and better superstars. You could argue that The Miz’s move to ECW revitalised his career and made him into what he is today. Other superstars of today such as Sheamus and Jack Swagger grew on ECW before being introduced to a bigger brand (although they didn’t do as well as The Miz).

It just seems to me that since NXT gave birth to The Nexus it has been pretty useless. All it’s done is give us superstars like Brodus Clay, Johnny Curtis (who still hasn’t debuted), Michael McGillicutty and Kaitlyn. The time NXT gets every week would be better spent giving people like Drew McIntyre, Zack Ryder, Ted Dibiase, Chris Masters, and even Superstars like Tyler Reks, a chance to prove themselves and battle over a championship. Moving guys like this away from the big brands and giving them a chance to prove themselves on that kind of stage will also make space for the people on Raw and Smackdown who aren’t being used to their full potential such as Primo. Primo doesn’t even get on Superstars sometimes At least this way maybe it would make the WWE give them a chance. This is something I think the WWE should highly think about. It’ll probably get watched more than NXT does.

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