Randy Orton: Is he still ‘The Viper’?

Posted on May 30, 2011


Randy Orton. His character has evolved so much since he debuted against Hardcore Holly in 2002. At first he was just another face who used the overdrive as a finisher and did cross bodies all the time. But suddenly, he was involved with the likes of Ric Flair and Triple H, feuding with people like Rob Van Dam and rubbing shoulders with legends such as Mick Foley, and Shawn Michaels. Before Randy even had a chance to establish himself as a threat to the world title, he was suddenly given the World Heavyweight Championship to become the youngest world champion ever, taking that honour away from Brock Lesnar. It was way too soon, and hindsight has proven that he was not ready, but thankfully it didn’t ruin him. His character evolved from the egotistical heel, to his ‘Viper’ character. Cold, heartless, unstable- he performs the character well, as a heel and a face.

But now he’s on Smackdown, and that character seems to be fading away. He’s… become all…. happy. It seems really weird to me. Compare what he was like on Raw, to this:

Did he just do a dance, and then the splits? Not that it wasn’t impressive, but where’s has ‘The Viper’ gone?! Clearly his character seems to be evolving again. I just hope that he doesn’t lose everything that made people love him in the first place. We already have one John Cena, we really don’t need another. Cena is supposed to be the incorruptible hero. Randy Orton is supposed to be the sadistic anti-hero. Even when interacting with other faces back on Raw he was cold and not friendly in the slightest. But in his match with Christian at Over the Limit, he was setting up for the punt kick, and showed a brief sign of remorse. That’s not the ‘Viper’ that I have seen growing before my eyes for years now. He’s evolving, and I am interested to see what happens to him.

I’m just hoping that the writers make note of this at some point, and maybe bring it into a storyline. As I suggested in my blog about Cody Rhodes, this will be the perfect time to start a feud between the two of them. Maybe Cody could tease that he would get who is truly responsible for his new demented attitude, and tease going after them for weeks before eventually attacking ‘The Viper’. Their past could be brought up, and Cody could blame everything on Orton. Then, maybe Cody could question Orton’s new attitude, try and bring the darkness out in him again. To me, that feud sounds highly entertaining, and bouts between the two of them could be brilliant.

Get on it, WWE.

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