Cody Rhodes: The potential feuds that could take him to the next level

Posted on May 28, 2011


I am a big fan of Smackdown. It’s a lot less frustrating to watch than Raw, because I feel like the WWE is trying to force people like John Cena down my throat. That’s why I like Smackdown. A few years ago when we would get a solid mid card match in the middle of the show made it enjoyable to me (but I was a huge Matt Hardy fan back then). But it seems that Smackdown is lacking a major heel right now. I mean it’s pretty obvious, considering Sheamus and Mark Henry seem to be the highest heels on the roster right now. When Mark Henry is main eventing your show, you know you have problems. But there is one heel on that show that seems to be rising, and I don’t understand why Mark Henry is requesting title shots every week when Cody Rhodes is around.

The character change of Cody Rhodes has a lot of potential for great stories, if the WWE take advantage now. His comic book like character has attracted attention of Marvel, which means his character reaches out to a lot of people. His character is very different to a lot of the heels we have in the WWE right now, meaning that he should be given a chance at the main event level of Smackdown whilst the roster is so thin.

There are so many potential feuds he could have on Smackdown, but at the moment he comes out every week to hand out paper bags. They seem to be building him, but not in any specific direction. The WWE creative team needs to motivate themselves to write some good storylines for him. Let’s go through some of the feuds he could have:

Ted Dibiase:

The other day I did a blog about how the WWE are wasting Ted Dibiase, and that a Cody Rhodes feud would be simple to write. My mind hasn’t changed. They have history. All Dibiase has to do is bring up the fact that he was so different during their time in Legacy, and Rhodes could claim that Dibiase represents everything he hates about his former self. Dibiase turns face, and hopefully both men would get a push out of it.

Randy Orton:

What about his other former Legacy stablemate? His former mentor? Sooner or later their paths have to cross, and I don’t want WWE to just pretend they have no past. Rhodes never got his revenge on Orton for beating up his father, and the abuse, and maybe now is the time? Maybe with his new demented character, he could finally get his revenge. Or maybe, with Orton’s character suddenly getting a bit happier since his move to Friday nights, Cody could question whether he’s lost his viperness?


It writes itself. Goldust is Cody’s brother, who is the better freak? This would hopefully get Cody to a higher level and give Goldust a reason to go into his behind the scenes role with WWE full-time.


Why not? Who is more demented? Maybe it could even lead to another Kane heel turn, with both of them teaming up? Or, considering Cody is trying to get rid of ugly faces on Smackdown, maybe Cody could target Kane?

So there are four ideas for what WWE could do with Cody Rhodes. I hope at least one of those comes into fruition, because I don’t want WWE to waste Cody’s potential. He has a lot of it right now, and WWE have something with him. But I’ve been hurt too many times before to get my hopes up…

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