One of my favourite Kane & Big Show moments

Posted on May 26, 2011


A few days ago I wrote a blog on why I love Kane and The Big Show as a tag team, and why I was so disgusted that they lost the WWE Tag Team Championship to The Nexus this week on Raw. One of the reasons I love Kane and The Big Show so much is because they provided one of my favourite Smackdown moments ever.

This was back in 2005-2006. Raw and Smackdown were at war. It was a pretty entertaining feud. That week on Raw, Eric Bischoff blasted Edge for proclaiming at Taboo Tuesday that he didn’t care about Raw. Eric Bischoff decided that to punish him, Edge would be sent to Smackdown that week to face the World Heavyweight Champion at the time, Batista, in a street fight.

That week on Smackdown, Edge turned up to face Batista with Lita in tow (Good god I forgot how smoking hot she is), but it turned out to be all a set up. Take a look:

THAT is how you write thrilling television. I didn’t read the spoilers that week, and it surprised the hell out of me. I went mental, it was genius! Such a well written angle, and pulled off to perfection.

It also highly backs up the point i made in my blog the other day; Kane and The Big Show were dominant. They dominated the remaining Smackdown roster, and they made it look amazing. They took out Batista, everyone was shocked, and Kane ended the segment with his pyro, finishing it off perfectly. Written and played out to perfection. Another thing I loved about them was the fact that they could blend between Face and Heel almost seemlessly. On Smackdown they were effective Heels, and on Raw they were effective faces. It was great to have during the Raw vs Smackdown feud, and I would even go as far as saying that they made the feud a lot better.

But enough of the Kane and Big Show love. The question is, why can’t WWE shock like this more often? Perhaps it’s just that it’s harder to keep these ideas underwraps now. What with the rise of the internet, it may decrease the amount of good shocking moments we get on television nowadays. But it happened with the Nexus, so why are moments like these so rare? Do the creative team only have a good idea every few years? I understand that these moments have to be rare to be shocking, but maybe they are too rare.

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