Whatever happened to Ted Dibiase jr.?

Posted on May 25, 2011


Let me take you back almost three years to June 29th, 2008. WWE Night of Champions, Dallas, Texas. This is the night we first saw Ted Dibiase jr grace a WWE ring on television. I remember being excited ever since Raw on May 26th. Partly because I thought this was the start of an amazing career, and partly because for some reason I love mystery partners in tag matches.

For those of you who missed it, Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly were the world tag team champions, and Ted Dibiase jr challenged them to a title match at Night of Champions, promising to reveal a mystery partner. It could have been anyone; Carlito, David Hart Smith, and others were all suspects, with a stable of second generation wrestlers predicted. My personal pick was JBL because of the similar gimmicks, but clearly I was wrong. Cody Rhodes turned on his partner, and won the tag team championships off of himself and Hardcore Holly (How that works, I’ll never know).

Considering his first minute and a half of in-ring competition happened on pay-per-view and ended in winning a championship, I think I can be forgiven for assuming at that stage that we had a future world champion on our hands. But let’s fast forward to March 28th 2010. Wrestlemania 26 and Ted Dibiase jr faces Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton, his former Legacy stable mates, in a triple threat match. Sure he lost, but his stock had risen immensely since his partnership with Randy Orton had started. He looked like the breakout star, the future looked bright. Even though most predicted he would turn face, that honour eventually went to Randy Orton. Even so I still thought he would make it as a heel. But being a heel on Raw nowadays is difficult, and he was lost in the shuffle.

But let’s think about what’s happened since then, shall we? He feuded with R-truth, Goldust, jobbed to Daniel Bryan and everyone else on the Raw roster for that matter. Now he’s been moved to Smackdown where he’s apparently become Cody Rhode’s lackey. He even jobbed in the dark match this week. Who has Teddy annoyed this much backstage to be treated like this? Turning him face and having him feud with Cody over his new dark character would have been easy. Anyone could have written it. Then we would have had another face on the roster, too. But instead, the WWE decide to under use him, like they do a lot of good wrestlers. This is why I lose faith in the WWE sometimes.

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